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Indiana Scuba "Hoosier Divers" is your PADI Scuba Certification specialists!  Diving PADI allows you to dive with the world's largest and leading scuba diving training organization. If you're already a certified diver consider taking the Advanced, Emergency First Response CPR, Rescue, and the Divemaster courses.  We provide high quality PADI training.  We do not directly sale Scuba equipment which we feel detracts from the learning aspect, however our staff are still very knowledgeable in most types and brands of equipment and can recommend the best shop to purchase from, consider us your ambassadors to help you work with other dives shops and can provide the best impartial assistance.  We dive the most carribean destinations, many times in Key Largo Florida, and frequently travel around the Midwest for local diving, please see our Scuba Diving Trips page for travel opportunities!

PADI Open Water Certification - $500.00
(Private Class 1:1 With Instructor)

Going on a trip to a tropical destination and you want to explore the underwater world or ready to embark on your next challenge such as working with underwater mammals or fish?  Take the PADI Open Water Diver course builds your confidence and scuba skills as a Scuba Diver.  Will spend that extra time that you may not get elsewhere and personalize this course to provide you the best value.  Staff will spend extra time to talk to you about your next possible adventures!  I am excited and ready to show you what I am passionate about!

PADI Specialty Diver Certification

The PADI Specialties builds your confidence and scuba skills as a Scuba Diver.  Building upon on what you've already learned, specific skills gained by these classes will help you develop advanced skills and introduce you to fantastic new adventures.

PADI Advanced Diver Certification - $150.00

The PADI Adventures in Diving course builds your confidence and scuba skills as a Scuba Diver.  Building upon on what you've already learned, will help you develop new skills and introduce you to five fantastic Adventure Dives.

PADI Rescue Diver Certification - $220.00

The PADI Rescue Diver course teaches self-rescue, diver stress, swimming and non-swimming assists, and many other emergency management skills.  This course builds your confidence and expands your knowledge and experience beyond a purely recreational level.  You are among the elite!

  • Special Offer!  Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty included.

PADI Master Scuba Diver certification

The PADI Master Scuba Diver rating is the highest non professional level in the PADI System of diver education.  Contact us so we can help you apply for this rating!

Emergency First Response CPR Certification - $70.00

The PADI Emergency First Response CPR and First Aid course teaches you the following skills:

  • CPR and rescue breathing at the layperson level
  • Preventing and caring for shock
  • Spinal injury management
  • Use of barriers to reduce disease transmission risk
  • Basic first aid and first aid kit considerations

The PADI EFR CPR course meets requirements for CPR and First Aid in the workplace and is a non diving certification, its is however a prerequisite for the PADI Rescue Diving Certification.

PADI Divemaster Certification - $480.00

The PADI Divemaster rating is the first level of the Professional Diver ratings.  As a Divemaster you will be qualified to oversee general diving activities and serve as an underwater guide.  You will gain fantastic leadership skills to assist with many PADI conducted courses.

PADI Assistant and Instructor Development Course
Ever wanted to bea PADI Assistant Instructor or PADI Instructor!  Join PADI IDC Staff Instructor Cory and PADI Course Director Pam for a fantastic experience either in Indiana or in Key Largo, Florida during a PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC).

 "High quality training for a great experience".

Are you interested in Scuba Diving and looking for Scuba Lessons, well don't look any further, at Indiana Scuba we offer all PADI Scuba Diving Certifications.Indiana-Scuba-LLC-Logo-Transparent.png

As a PADI IDC Staff Instructor I understand that high priced classes can sometimes impede continuing your Scuba education.  "We offer high quality class instruction for low costs."  We are located in Bloomington Indiana and we look forward to teaching you about Scuba!  Indiana Scuba, LLC "Hooser Divers" offer's Scuba Certification through PADI, the world's leading scuba diving training organization. If you're already a certified diver consider taking the Advanced, Emergency First Response CPR, Rescue, and the Divemaster courses.

If your interested in a scuba career then we have the "edge".  My many experiences in research diving and archaeological experiences allow me to teach you the specialized skills you need to know about dive operations, research diving, underwater archaeology, and other useful skills such as site reports.

My Bachelors of Arts in Underwater Archaeology and Underwater Resource Management Certificate college degrees afford me the opportunity as a SCUBA instructor to better educate you about the archaeological and cultural significance of sites underwater and on land. My passion is to share the stories and history of underwater dive sites to further promote knowledge for the generations of divers to come.  Experience has shown that by spending a few extra moments to better educate divers to these Scuba sites allows for a more enriching dive experience and better informs us of how fragile our biological and cultural resources are.  This is true when it comes to training.

Class prices significantly lower than all others, that's because I like training and watching you learn!  Having been a PADI diver for 16+ years and a PADI IDC Staff Instructor I look forward to meeting new scuba divers!

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With PADI eLearning, you complete the knowledge development (classroom) portion of the most popular courses at your own pace – studying anytime and anywhere you have internet.  The price of the eLearning portion is included in class cost.



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